Torah Commentary

Writing Torah commentary is one of my favorite rabbinic responsibilities.  It is a pleasant challenge to reflect on contemporary events through the prism of the weekly Torah portion and then attempt to articulate these thoughts for others. 

My approach to writing these commentaries varied over the years.  For a period of time I focused on only the third of the Torah we were reading in my synagogue on any given week.  Another year I wrote about only one single idea that caught my attention in the weekly portion. Recently my commentaries are based almost exclusively on something of interest I find in the first verse of the weekly portion.  Admittedly this is a very granular approach.  However, I am finding that it is also producing some rather interesting insights.

Every commentary is by design very short. Hopefully this serves two purposes.  It makes me be succinct and focused.  And makes it easier for people without a lot of Torah study background the to digest a little Torah.  At least these are my reasons for keeping these short.  I hope I am succeeding.

No series of these commentaries is yet complete.  Maybe one day.  If you find these commentaries valuable to you please let me know.  If you find mistakes or typos please let me know this as well.  If don't understand something I wrote or you disagree please let me know this too.   I'm happy to receive any feedback.

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בראשית / Genesis:
שמות / Exodus:
 ויקרא / Leviticus:
 במדבר / Numbers:
דברים / Deuteronomy

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