Triennial Torah Commentaries

These commentaries are based on the triennial division of Torah readings.  I wrote them over a several year period o during the mid '90's for my congregation that was reading Torah based on the triennial  cycle.  This is a way of reading Torah that divides each of the traditional 54 weekly readings into thirds.  Each third is simply known by the name of the portion.  For purposes of clarification here I've added the number one, two or three to indicate which third the commentary is drawn from.  

I wish I could say that these commentaries all contain original ideas.  But they don't.  Unfortunately, too much time has passed for me to accurately cite sources or inspirations.  At best, all I can take credit for is synthesizing, redacting and compiling the content of these commentaries.  I am indebted to thousands of Torah scholars and teachers, past and present.

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© Copyright Rabbi Howard A Cohen