Here are some frequently asked questions and answers

Do I need to purchase special equipment? 

No,  BBA provides all the equipment you'll need.  All you need to bring is a raincoat and your personal items.  A clothing list is provided when you register for a course. 

Do I need to have prior outdoor experience?

No experience is necessary.  Every trip includes instruction in the appropriate basic back-country skills required.

If I am not an athlete or in particularly good shape can I still come? 

You do not need to an athlete.  We ask you complete a medical form to make sure there aren't serious health reasons that might prevent your participation.

Are the trips kosher?  

Yes, all of our trips are kosher and vegetarian.

I am more "spiritual" than religious so I don't want religion shoved down my throat.  Is the right experience for me?  

We don't preach or sell  a particular brand ofJudaism on our trips.  You are encouraged to engage with Judaism as little or as much as you like.  We provide you with the opportunity to experience Judaism in a way that is very different than what you find in synagogues.  If you want to daven (pray) you will have plenty of time to do so.  If you don't want to daven that's okay too.

Are there age limits for coming on a trip?

Not necessarily though some trips are geared toward specific populations.  In general young children, ten and under, tend to not enjoy long trips.  As long as a person is physically capable of handling the rigors of the course there is no upper limit either.

I'm not Jewish but your trips sound appealing.  Do I have to be Jewish to come on a BBA trip? 

No, absolutely not.  These trips are for anyone.  The magic of a spiritual quest in the wilderness is that we are encouraged by the natural beauty around us to move beyond specific religious symbolism and language.