Pemsikwa Life Coaching is about empowering you to achieve your fullest potential.
Pemsikwa (pem-seh-qua)
noun: paddle; verb: to paddle

I am Howard. I launched my practice ten years ago after personally experiencing the power of coaching as I moved from a career as a full time congregational rabbi into a new position as the deputy chief of a small fire department.  For many years I led wilderness canoe trips for Outward Bound and my own company, Burning Bush Adventures.  Since I love all things having to do with canoeing, from paddling them to making my own canoes,  I decided to call my business Pemsikwa Coaching because Pemsikwa is both a noun that means a paddle and a verb that means to paddle.  A fitting name for the coaching practice of a guy who loves to coach, guide, coach, mentor and motivate people as they navigate the river of life.

Coaching & Mentoring for 1st Responders, Clergy, and Young Men.

Leadership Skills Development
Stress Management
Conflict Resolution
Career Advancement & Retirement Planning

Coaching is done by phone, zoom or, when possible, in person.
To schedule a conversation to see if Pemsikwa Coaching is right for you
  call or text 802-440-1-023 or email: