That's me on the left.  I was laughing at myself when I took this  selfie.                                  

Here is what is important for me to share with you.

!! I have three adult children (is this an oxymoron?)  One currently lives in Montreal, one in Boston and one in upstate New York.  But these locations are subject to change with little notice.  My son in Montreal is a student and avid rock climber.  My daughter in upstate NY is changing the world one hurting and troubled child at a time as a Social Worker.  My daughter in Boston is narrowing the gap and deepening the understanding between cultures as an Anthropologist.

!! I'm married to Gail.  We've been married 30 years and have been friends since high school.

!!  We have two cats.  The black and white one is Veronica.  The brown one is Thumblina. We used to have chickens but not anymore.

!! I enjoy gardening.  Last summer I dug up our front yard to plant corn, beans and squash.  The squirrels had a heyday with the corn.  The squash did fine.

!! I'm an active member of my town's volunteer fire department.  It is a service I love to provide for my neighbors.  In exchange I get to drive around town in a HUGE red fire truck and sometimes run into burning buildings.

!!  I love to do almost anything that's outside, rain or shine, winter or summer.

!!  I know I already told you I love coaching but I'll tell you again.  I really enjoy coaching. For me it is all about you, the clients.